Metallurgica San Marco is part of the holding Metallurgica Group together with Cidneo Metallurgica, two historic companies of Brescia, leaders in the brass sector.
Metallurgica San Marco has been processing and customising brass in Brescia for three generations. With its versatile and flexible production, the company is growing steadily, one of its strong points being the ability to customise the product, by means of constant commitment to research and development. It promptly responds to specific working and application demands, driven by the increasingly dynamic market which is continually developing.
Metallurgica San Marco is one of the leading manufacturers of drawn and extruded brass profiles in Europe.

Company History


The market is getting faster and faster and customers’ requests more and more accurate and detailed: Metallurgica San Marco is committed to involving and informing all their internal forces and new professionals of these changes, so that, in sharing, mission and company objectives find a driving force capable of keeping the company on the tracks of success, in the present and in the near future, even considering the substantial changes which the economic-productive system is facing. This means providing the right motivations, stimuli and incentives and having the courage to make radical choices which offer faster solutions in a creative and innovative way. Metallurgica San Marco’s aim is to give importance to those who work there, by creating an atmosphere conducive to ideas and a well-structured organisation, thereby producing a compact company chain which can react efficiently to market demands because they see themselves as real protagonists.


Metallurgica San Marco invests in the unceasing and constant improvement of company procedures in order to make productive processes more efficient and to obtain products in keeping with ever higher quality standards, while respecting the environment and the internal wellbeing of its industrial sector. Its daily endeavour is oriented to understanding the customer’s requirements and those of the market with a view to guaranteeing innovative products and services with the help of important research and development, which boost both the company and the territory’s growth.

Our Values

The prime value for Metallurgica San Marco is human capital. Many of its strategic choices depend on the wellbeing of those who strive passionately and professionally on a daily basis for the company. Indeed, sustainability, both social and environmental, is a dominant theme; it is oriented towards the improvement of the productive processes and the investment in advanced technologies which make the workplace safe and allow the environment to be respected according to internationally recognised standards.