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The official price of a CW614N/CW617N brass bar
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Metallurgica San Marco in favor of preventive diagnosis: the contribution to the project DOna of Fondazione Nadia Toffa

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Metallurgica San Marco supports cancer prevention by contributing to the fundraising promoted by the Nadia Toffa Foundation, founded by the parents of the journalist who died in 2019 at the…

Metallurgica San Marco supports the expedition of climbers Manni and Mondinelli to reach the fifth highest peak in the world

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Metallurgica San Marco confirms its closeness to the world of sport. A fundamental director for the company, of which the company has always been strongly convinced and which, for this…

Focus on Eastern European markets: from 15 to 18 February Metallurgica San Marco will exhibit at the Aquatherm in Moscow.

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Metallurgica San Marco confirms its leadership in international markets through direct participation to leading fairs on the world scene. From 15 to 18 February, in fact, the company will exhibit…

Brass in DNA,
for three generations

Innovation, technology, sustainability are the engines of a constantly growing company, which finds its strengths in the versatility and ability to customize the product, through a constant commitment to research and development, able to respond promptly to a market in constant evolution.

Scrap collection and recycling

80% of our raw material consists of recycled scrap metal we collect from our customers. Products at the end of their life cycle are processed to obtain raw material and new semi-processed quality products, without damaging the copper and zinc naturally present in them.

MSM and the environment

Increasing performance, low environmental impact.
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