Brass rods

for Hot stamping and Free machining


High tech

Modern, high-performance, cutting-edge equipment


Process optimization

Efficient and sustainable brass processing


Automated warehouse

Dynamism to customer support


The official price of a CW614N/CW617N brass bar
on the previous working day is:

6.760 €


How many successes for Athletics Brescia 1950 Metallurgica San Marco!

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Metallurgica San Marco strongly believes in the social value of a company. A belief that the company pursues in different fields, one of which is sports. Withthe support granted to…

Metallurgica Group exhibits in Egypt at The big 5 Construct exhibition

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Metallurgica Group puts its signature on the building international market by participating, as an exhibitor, in The Big 5 Construct exhibition, hosted in the 2021 edition in Cairo. The event…

Circular economy, Metallurgica San Marco begins the process for Global Recycle Standard (GRS) certification

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Sustainability and circular economy are the basis of Metallurgica San Marco's business. The company, which has always implemented strict controls on emissions and discharges, boasts energy-saving production plants and promotes…

Brass in DNA,
for three generations

Innovation, technology, sustainability are the engines of a constantly growing company, which finds its strengths in the versatility and ability to customize the product, through a constant commitment to research and development, able to respond promptly to a market in constant evolution.

Scrap collection and recycling

80% of our raw material consists of recycled scrap metal we collect from our customers. Products at the end of their life cycle are processed to obtain raw material and new semi-processed quality products, without damaging the copper and zinc naturally present in them.

MSM and the environment

Increasing performance, low environmental impact.
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