Brass rods

for molding and turning


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Modern, high-performance, cutting-edge equipment


Process optimization

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The official price of a CW614N/CW617N brass bar
on the previous working day is:

4.880 €


Coronavirus. Metallurgica San Marco remains operational ensuring health and safety of internal and external staff

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The ministerial decree of 08/03/2020 indicated Lombardy, where MSM is based, as an area affected by urgent measures to contain the infection. We wish to clarify that the ministerial decree…

New Foundry for special alloys: work begins to accommodate the sophisticated production plant

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Work began in January on the new important Metallurgica San Marco project in the Foundry department. The company is in fact equipping itself with a new foundry for special alloys,…

CORONAVIRUS. Metallurgica San Marco launches preventive measures to protect workers and guarantee production needs

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In relation to the evolution of the spread of the Coronavirus COVID-2019 currently underway in Lombardy and in consideration of the Lombardy Region Ordinance, Metallurgica San Marco has launched a…

Scrap collection and recycling

80% of our raw material consists of recycled scrap metal we collect from our customers. Products at the end of their life cycle are processed to obtain raw material and new semi-processed quality products, without damaging the copper and zinc naturally present in them.

MSM and the environment

Increasing performance, low environmental impact.
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