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Brass supply chain: metallurgica san marco leading the project recognized by regione lombardia

As the project leader, Metallurgica San Marco was awarded a high score by Regione Lombardia on January 30th as part of an initiative aimed at developing supply chains and industrial ecosystems.

Specifically, the company, in collaboration with the University of Brescia and companies such as Agevola srl Società Benefit, AQM, Cidneo Metallurgica, Com.Steel, CSMT Gestione, Elettro Stile, Fedabo, Garom, Gruppo WISE, Presezzi Extrusion, R.B.M., Tecnofor, and Umana Analytics, received recognition from regional bodies for the Brass Supply Chain project titled “Innovation, Circular Economy, and Sustainability: The Levers for Competitiveness in the Integrated Brass Production Chain.” This recognition will allow the project to receive additional points and increased funding incentives for supply chain measures.

The integrated brass production chain project identifies a common growth path among the various stakeholders, emphasizing the enhancement of physical, technical, and human resources that characterize the regional territory. It also interprets the push for innovation and sustainability (ESG) through environmental compatibility in research and technological innovation projects aimed at human capital. Moreover, it promotes new forms of collaboration between large companies and smaller production entities to facilitate more effective execution of high-impact innovative activities. This collaborative model also stimulates the development of innovations oriented towards the new needs of the market, both from the perspective of intermediate business demand and final consumer demand. To increase the competitive advantage of the supply chain and the territory in which it operates, the project focuses on the following areas: sustainability and circularity, innovation and technology transfer, training, human capital, employment, and workplace safety.

The identification of intervention areas resulted from a materiality analysis: a systematic evaluation conducted by supply chain companies to identify and understand the most significant and relevant social, environmental, and economic impacts of their activities. The main objective of the materiality analysis is to determine which issues are “material,” meaning of greatest importance to the companies and their stakeholders.

The brass supply chain consists of an ecosystem of companies predominantly located in the province of Brescia, the leading province in Italy for the export volume of brass bars, and has shown a growth rate higher than the regional and national average over the years. In fact, Brescia’s output represents 50% of European brass bar production, with 80% of faucet exports made from these products.

“We are extremely proud to announce that the project ‘Brass Supply Chain: Innovation, Circular Economy, and Sustainability’ has been recognized with an excellent score by Regione Lombardia,” said Marco Gambarini, CEO of Metallurgica San Marco. “This recognition is a significant testament to our ongoing commitment to innovation, sustainability, and collaboration within our sector.

As the project leader, we have worked in synergy with prestigious partners such as the University of Brescia and several prominent companies. Together, we have developed a project that not only emphasizes the value of our regional resources but also adopts sustainable and innovative practices that meet the needs of a constantly evolving market.

The recognition from Regione Lombardia will allow us to further strengthen our investment capacity in crucial areas such as sustainability, circularity, innovation, and technology transfer. This will contribute not only to the growth of our company but also to the advancement of the entire brass supply chain.”