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The work environment and environmental sustainability are dominant themes for Metallurgica San Marco. The company is certified to ISO 45000:2018, an effective means of optimising the management of health and safety risks for workers. It has also initiated the procedure to obtain the ISO 14001 certification by 2021. As well as carrying out strict checks on emissions, waste, recycled and recyclable material in order to continually improve environmental management, as far as energy efficiency is concerned, the company has various projects underway: a new LED lighting system which will guarantee better working conditions as well as a considerable saving on energy; the replacement of traditional electric engines with high-efficiency ones; the introduction of energy-saving coils in one furnace; the creation of electric self-generating systems such as solar self-production. Projects for the recovery of heat from the foundry or self-generation from gas are also anticipated. Ahead of the regulatory dispositions, Metallurgica San Marco has finalised the plan to remove and replace asbestos with aluminium coverings and is taking measures regarding seismic compliance that ended in 2018.



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Metallurgica San Marco S.p.A. has adopted an organisational, management and control model with the aim of setting up an internal control system that is in keeping with the purposes and provisions of Legislative Decree no. 231/2001, with a view to promoting and enhancing, to a greater degree, an ethical culture in a perspective of honesty, transparency and legality within the company.

To that end, a Supervisory Body has been appointed, with independent powers of initiative and control, in charge of supervising the functioning and observance of the model and of ensuring that it is continually updated.

The Supervisory Body has a special electronic mailbox that, in addition to traditional means of communication, makes it possible to report any behaviour that is not in line with the model.
Any appropriate notification can be sent to the following e-mail address: