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A heart of brass for sharing the passion of the Metallurgica San Marco

Brescia August 26th – It is a two-ton brass sculpture with a heart as the protagonist, the latest work of Brescia sculptor Edoardo Ferrari representing the company’s passion for this material, which accompanied Metallurgica San Marco up to the important goal of its first 50 years, but also a boost to solidarity and giving.
What has always guided the works of the sculptor, known in particular for his artistic sensitivity towards sacred art, is the desire not to make a work of art simply an end in itself, but to attribute it a meaning that can inspire the viewer.

A jagged brass heart unwrapped from its shell. This is the work that will live in the roundabout located in front of the company Metallurgica San Marco on Via Statale in Ponte San Marco, after the momentary appearance in Corsia Del Gambero from 2 until 11 September, where passersby have the opportunity to admire it from close by capturing nuances that in its new placement will be more difficult to admire.

«The work, being placed inside a roundabout, had to be perceived, and understood immediately and remain in the subconscious of the viewer almost like a flash imprinted in his memory. The choice of the subject therefore fell on one of the most known and used symbols in our time, also on a digital level, a heart. The particular feature of this heart is its jagged, worn surface, which proves that it has already “given itself”, says Edoardo Ferrari. «The heart comes out of its shell, made of the same material as the metal that Metallurgica San Marco has been working with love and passion for three generations. It is precisely this “passion” for the material which is represented by the heart. Naturally this is the first interpretation that is related to the company itself, but there is also a second one dedicated to “passersby”. The message that the sculpture wants to convey, in fact, is to drop the veil that covers the heart and open up to giving oneself. Uncovering your heart and orient yourself to the good, considering the precise historical moment that we are living, after the pandemic and the war, is not only an invitation but a necessity».

The work commissioned by Metallurgica San Marco is part of various activities that the company has dedicated to citizenship. In fact, this, together with the attention to various needy activities and associations in Calcinato, wants to be a demonstration of closeness to the town to which it belongs. The sculpture underwent a two-year design and realization process. The work, carried out with the help of three collaborators and two foundry workers, was fundamental to bring to light the sculpture created through an innovative technique, designed, and refined specifically for the sculptural project dedicated to Metallurgica San Marco.

«This innovative technique was developed with the foundry for the first time, and it was also for me the first time that I was experimenting this modality. We have reached a particular goal: a fusion of 9 square meters of surface with great precision in the realization».

The material used is the one that MSM produces directly. The only material other than brass present in the sculpture is marble, a very particular gray marble on which the work rests, designed to highlight the work.

«In this very important year for Metallurgica San Marco, in which we celebrate our first 50 years of activity, we decided to donate to the city, which has hosted us for generations and to which we are very attached, a sculpture that would carry a positive message and told about its beauty »  says Marco Gambarini, CEO of Metallurgica San Marco. « Edoardo Ferrari through his art and his hands has given life to a work of art that not only represents us as a company but also as a team, narrating the passion and the commitment that every single person within the company has for common growth ». And he continues: «I sincerely thank Edoardo Ferrari who managed to convey a double message that had the deepest meaning in sharing. I invite everyone to see it up close, until it is possible, in Corsia del Gambero, in the center of Brescia ».

The installation can be admired from 2 to 11 September and then moved to the roundabout in front of Metallurgical San Marco, in via Statale in Ponte San Marco.