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A work of pictorial anamorphosis at the company headquarters

A new point of view in the leadership of brass processing: the path of development, innovation and competitiveness of Metallurgica San Marco also passes through communication, through a work of pictorial anamorphosis at the company headquarters.

The installation rationalizes, with great impact, the expansive project of Metallurgica San Marco, focused on a constant commitment to processes that seek ever higher standards of innovation, efficiency, competitiveness, in a balanced business based on high specialization and a wide range of products.

The anamorphism technique is based on an optical illusion: the image created is composed and recognizable only if combined with a further fundamental criterion, represented precisely from the observer’s viewpoint. An artistic analogy that is reflected in Metallurgica San Marco’s corporate strategy, namely the ability to interpret the challenges of increasingly competitive markets with a glocal perspective and a disruptive approach to existing business models.

“The artistic realization of this anamorphosis wants to express the dynamic spirit of Metallurgica San Marco, which has recently started, together with Cidneo Metallurgica, of Metallurgica Group, the holding that includes the two historic Brescia companies, both international players in the brass sector,” – claims the CEO of Metallurgica San Marco, Marco Gambarini -. “The anamorphosis aims to be a symbol of this new perspective and growth for Metallurgica which, in the first quarter of 2021, got off to a good start with + 20% of the turnover ».