Metallurgica San Marco flies with Persico69F

The helmsman was Marco Gradoni, 16 years old, Sailor of the Year 2020 and the only one in the world to have won the Optimist World Championship three times; at the mainsail Pietro Zucchetti, two Olympic Games, and today coach of the 470 Women’s National Team; finally at the bow Francesco Rubagotti, from Team 69F.

They are those who made up the “Candelluva” crew, sponsored by Metallurgica San Marco, and who raced the regattas reserved for the flying monohulls Persico69F, one of the first international sailing events, on Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 July in the waters of Lake Garda between Bogliaco, Gargnano and Prato di Tignale.

The Persico69F, designed by the Argentine company Wilson-Marquinez, are able to fly like hydrofoils. Designed by the Persico shipyard from Bergamo, the body of the canoe is made of extremely light carbon fiber. Designed for a crew of 3, the 69F has a sail area of 40 square meters, and already with only 7 knots it can lift from the water the weight of the boat, which is only 380 kg.

The prototype had already sailed last year on Lake Garda, where it was tested by top sailors, including the winner of the gold medal at the Rio 2016 Olympics, Santiago Lange.