New Foundry for special alloys: work begins to accommodate the sophisticated production plant

Work began in January on the new important Metallurgica San Marco project in the Foundry department. The company is in fact equipping itself with a new foundry for special alloys, which will allow MSM in particular to differentiate and optimize its production.

An investment of 6 million euros and in a 4.0 perspective, which has among its objectives that of expanding production, thus managing to satisfy even specialized niche markets that require special alloys of the highest quality.

After the complex design phase during the autumn, which saw the redesign of the spaces inside the company’s buildings, and the development and definition of the individual machines belonging to the casting line – from the casting to the subsequent billet cooling and cutting steps, including auxiliary systems (handling, cooling and electric power) – work began within the company since January 2020.

“Right now – explains Eng. Cora Longo, head of the project – we are dedicating ourselves to the preparatory works for the arrival of the casting plant, and to the works that have to be carried out by MSM. The first step in progress is the construction of a new electrical substation to satisfy the power needs of the future plant: this activity has the useful consequence of bringing about an internal technological renewal, as it will allow us to dismantle the old substation now close to “pensioning “. The second step will be the realization of the foundations, the technical rooms, the structures and all the other various masonry and carpentry works that will be necessary to house the new casting”.

The horizontal continuous casting plant, whose production and assembly is entrusted to the Italian company GMS, will be added to the existing three-strand one, and will allow MSM to quickly and easily provide high-quality customized products, with a careful look at environmental and social sustainability: part of the production will in fact be dedicated to alloys with low lead content.

The reduction of lead percentages in materials – in particular those in contact with the skin, such as clothing and jewelery, and those intended to make items that can be used in contact with drinking water – is in fact an eco-sanitary trend that has first taken hold in some US states and now also in Europe. MSM, by acquiring this new technologically very advanced system, becomes now able to satisfy new basins and new market needs.

“The internal work – concludes Eng. Longo – will end at the end of April, while the construction of the actual plant by GMS will begin between May and June. The start-up will take place in the summer months, in view of the start of production with the new line from September “.