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Pagelle d’Ottone 2023: Metallurgica San Marco Celebrates the Academic Excellence of Talented Students Children of its Employees

On November 7th, at the company’s facilities, the second edition of the “Pagelle d’Ottone” initiative took place. A project that not only celebrates Metallurgica San Marco’s commitment to the future and education but also redefines the concept of corporate welfare.

In a world in constant evolution, investing in the next generation becomes indispensable. “Pagelle d’Ottone” emerges as a concrete response to this need, highlighting Metallurgica San Marco’s willingness to actively contribute to the growth and education of the new generations.

The initiative aims to reward the academic excellence of employees’ children, transforming the concept of corporate welfare into a solid foundation for a promising future. The project seeks to strengthen the bond between the company and employees’ families while promoting the importance of education.

“Pagelle d’Ottone” involved students from lower and upper secondary schools, as well as university students, recognizing merit and fostering an atmosphere of sharing and pride. The talented individuals received Amazon vouchers and certificates of merit, tangible tokens of recognition from Metallurgica San Marco.

The initiative not only strengthens the company-family relationship but also reflects Metallurgica San Marco’s deep commitment to corporate social responsibility. By contributing to the education of young minds, the company sows the seeds for a brighter and more prosperous future for the entire community.

The second edition of “Pagelle d’Ottone” has already marked a significant milestone. Let’s now look ahead to the next steps with the determination to continue building successful educational paths. This initiative is not just a recognition but a tangible commitment to a future filled with opportunities.