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Metallurgica San Marco presents sustainability achievements at fabbrica del futuro

Metallurgica San Marco recently showcased its commitment to sustainability at “Fabbrica del Futuro,” an initiative led by Confindustria Brescia aimed at promoting innovation in the Brescia industry through the digitalization of processes and the sharing of best practices.

Key Findings of the Report

During the meeting, Metallurgica San Marco presented the results of its 2022 sustainability report. The company utilized recovered raw materials for 95% of its total, with 98% of these materials being subjected to recovery processes. Furthermore, the company generated a direct economic value of €310 million, sourcing 46% of its total purchases from local suppliers. Additionally, the company highlighted a reforestation project in Kyrgyzstan, high standards of energy efficiency, and the sharing of circular economy best practices with its supplier chain. Metallurgica San Marco also outlined its social commitment, manifesting through various initiatives supporting employees and the surrounding community. The company has joined a welfare platform and expanded its personnel-oriented services. Moreover, it actively participated in industrial training promotion, industrial doctoral projects, internships, and charitable and solidarity initiatives.

Innovative Study

The focus on employee well-being was solidified through the “Social Sustainability and Trust Network Analysis” study conducted by Umana-Analytics, a spin-off of the Department of Neuroscience and Clinical Sciences at the University of Chieti-Pescara. This study aims to measure, with the goal of improvement, well-being, trust, and inclusion among the company’s collaborators.

The study consists of four modules:

Trust & Integrity: Measures trust within the organization, maps the network of interpersonal trust relationships, and assesses the level of corporate integrity in the perceptions of its collaborators.
Leader & High Impact People Discovery: Identifies individuals with a higher inclination for leadership within the organization.
Wellbeing & Inclusion: Measures the levels of well-being and inclusion among collaborators.
Job Satisfaction, Identification, Leadership, and Climate: Measures the importance attributed by collaborators to various work-related needs, the satisfaction level of each, the engagement level of individuals and teams, leadership style, and the ideal and real ethical climate.