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Metallurgica San Marco case study at SUMAS – Sustainability Management School

Metallurgica San Marco has activated a partnership with SUMAS – Sustainability Management School, a world leader in management training in the field of sustainability.

SUMAS, an international university centre based in Switzerland and in Milan, is characterized by a training offer with specific academic programmes aimed at the management of sustainability in various fields of business. The school aims to train future generations into business leaders through solid mentoring with prestigious global executives.

The students devised sustainable strategies and actions for Metallurgica San Marco with the aim of analyzing the environmental and social commitment and the communication linked to it. A significant project that allowed the collection and exchange of innovative ideas thanks to the contribution of the students.

Alessandro Rasetta, Sustainability and Innovation Manager of Metallurgica San Marco, guided and coordinated the young students in the analysis of conscious company actions. A project that started from the study of the 2021 Sustainability Reports up to the carbon footprint compensation programme.

“Sustainability is a means but also a goal to be combined with our production. We are proud to have taken part in this wonderful initiative” says Rasetta “Young people have an important role and must be prepared to face the challenges of today’s society. It was a precious opportunity to work together, to see the curiosity of the students and the desire to get involved.”

An important project that united Metallurgica San Marco with the Institute in a valuable experience.