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Lead-free alloys: Metallurgica San Marco obtains UNI/PDR 88:2020 Certification on the recycled material content

Metallurgica San Marco is one of the first Italian brass manufacturing companies to have obtained the UNI/PdR 88:2020 certification. This is a certification that certifies compliance with the requirements for verifying the content of recovered material, divided between recycled material and by-product, present in products sold on the national market.

MSM has obtained the certification from the TÜV Italia body on four brass alloys with a low lead content, namely the alloys: CW510L, CW509L, CW511L and CW510L 80 ppm. For all these alloys, the recycling rate is well over 50%: the CW509L, CW510L, and CW510L 80 ppm alloys in fact have a percentage of recovered material equal to 58.8%, while the CW511L even reaches even 63%.

Today more than ever, there is a need to enhance the use of recycled materials in the creation of industrial products as well as promote an industrial culture of sustainability. The most virtuous companies now have this new tool at their disposal, an accredited certification of management systems, which using an objective evaluation scheme, allows through tracking, mass balance and production control, to certify the quantities of secondary raw material and waste used in its production.

The achievement of this goal has gone through the verification by the certifying body of the correct identification of the products and of the declared values, the traceability of the incoming materials, the definition and correctness of a company procedure for determining the content and for the periodic self-monitoring of the production process in the factory, verification of the correctness of the calculation methodology and of the values declared on the basis of the alloy recipes, and verification of the values actually present in the resulting product at the end of the manufacturing process, through checks carried out directly in MSM plant.

Obtaining this important certification is part of a broader company project, MSM Get to Zero, aimed at achieving increasingly higher environmental standards and reducing CO2 emissions. MSM has long been aware of the fact that company growth must necessarily be environmentally sustainable and must aim on the one hand at reducing the production impact and exploitation of the planet’s raw materials, and on the other at reducing the amount of waste generated.

World industry still weighs heavily on the environment in terms of pollution and waste produced and today more than ever, citizens are increasingly attentive to issues such as waste disposal, consumption of non-renewable energy resources, the risk related to emissions in the atmosphere of CO2 and other greenhouse gasses, the scarcity and pollution of water resources.

Metallurgica San Marco is convinced that each company can make a difference with its own contribution. For this reason, it is implementing strategic planning that is increasingly sensitive to this issue, allocating an ever-increasing share of investments to environmental protection.

Therefore, having obtained the UNI/PdR 88:2020 certification represents just one step in a long and demanding journey that Metallurgica San Marco intends to continue along with commitment and constancy.