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A long journey together: the 50th anniversary of MSM in the celebration of Palazzo Gambara

The 50 years of Metallurgica San Marco are an important milestone. A half-century-long journey, covered by the commitment of many people who, with an ideal passing of the baton, have contributed to the growth of the company. Which for many has also represented much more.
For this reason, Metallurgica San Marco wanted to share with all its collaborators a special evening, entirely addressed to them, to their daily work, coordinated and focused on achieving common objectives, in the wake of a business idea that is a place of collective realization, as Metallurgica San Marco has been for 50 years and intends to continue to be. The evening organized at Palazzo Gambara, in Bedizzole, intended to celebrate all this. The sociability of a large work team, the collaboration that is its essence, sharing, essential for achieving both personal and common goals. A precious memory for a future that will be just as precious.