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Training and work: agreements for internships with the University of Brescia, the University of Trento and the Catholic university of the sacred heart

The need to create a solid bridge between education and the world of work is increasingly concrete and real. A link that allows the achievement of a double objective, aimed both at university students, integrated and updated on the needs and dynamics characteristic of the professional sphere, and at companies, which could provide tools to future potential employees, while collecting at the same time valuable information about training standards and skills of graduates and undergraduates.

Metallurgica San Marco intends to confirm its commitment in social responsibility in favor of the youngest, undertaking a path alongside the academic world. This is one of the innovative and far-sighted strategies that the company pursues with conviction, making its consolidated know-how available to university students, graduates and PhD students.

The company has in fact signed three agreements – with the University of Brescia, the University of Trento and the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart – which certify it as a host of curricular internships – intended for students – and extracurricular, for subjects who have already obtained the degree title.

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Two methods that aim to achieve complementary objectives: for the former a specific training experience is guaranteed and related to their own study path, qualifying and professionalizing, for the latter a strengthening of skills in the field of access to the world of work is transferred, through knowledge and experimentation.

The company is, for Metallurgica San Marco, a place of dialogue and development, a subject with which cooperating is decisive for the development of the community. For this reason, his commitment is constant, as it is the dialogue with the academic world and institutions for a growth that is a heritage of the entire community.