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Circular economy, Metallurgica San Marco begins the process for Global Recycle Standard (GRS) certification

Sustainability and circular economy are the basis of Metallurgica San Marco’s business. The company, which has always implemented strict controls on emissions and discharges, boasts energy-saving production plants and promotes projects for the continuous improvement of environmental management, has taken another important step in this direction.

Metallurgica San Marco has in fact started the process to obtain the GRS (Global Recycle Standard) certification, the most important international standard for sustainable production made with recycled materials.

Normally dedicated to the textile sector, but open to other areas, this certification recognizes the centrality of recycling in order to contribute to the growth of a sustainable production and consumption model, with the aim of favoring the reduction of the use of resources and the quality of recycled products.

Already a Gold member of the Bureau of International Recycling – the first international trade federation representing the world recovery industry – Metallurgica San Marco has always based its production on recycled materials: in fact, 80% of the raw material of the production process of the company, is made up of remains of collection and recovery. From here the first step to get the GRS certification.

The process for obtaining the certification involves three phases:

  • a preliminary assessment of the products, of the production process, of raw materials and of suppliers
  • an inspection to ascertain the actual compliance of the products with the GRS criteria and also the correct organization and management of manufacturing processes and of internal procedures
  • the issue of the certificate based on the information and data collected

Once the certification has been obtained, the company will be subjected to an annual surveillance which includes periodic inspections in the various areas of the production departments, in the warehouse and in the distribution of products, for the constant verification of the maintenance of the compliance conditions that the GRS provides.