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Metallurgica San Marco consolidates its leadership on the national market and grows at double digit in export

“The 2019 financial statement reflects the consolidation phase of our company which, in recent years, has been able to reconcile a strong dimensional development with a reorganization of processes, people and technologies. All main indicators confirm that the actions taken are going in the right direction and the figures proove this, with a production of almost 70 thousand tons and a turnover of 185 million euros “.

With these words Marco Gambarini, President of Metallurgica San Marco, photographs the 2019 financial statements of the Ponte San Marco company which, in line with the 2018-2020 development plan, has put in place all the activities aimed at constant corporate growth: from a production point of view, with important new investments in the automation field and for the creation of new products requested by the market; from a commercial point of view with the further enhancement of exports; and from an organizational point of view with a process of corporate restructuring and high professional qualification.

“The technical and commercial efforts put in place by the staff to gain new market shares and definitively sanction the presence of the company as a European player in brass extrusions have been remarkable – adds Giacomo Coglio, Member of the Board of Directors representing the Forelli Group. Internally, the commitment to production efficiency continues: the most important investment of € 6 million from a 4.0 point of view in 2019 concerned the new foundry for special alloys which will allow to differentiate and optimize production, also managing to satisfy specialized market niches that require the highest quality products “.

The trend in 2019 was positive, with numbers and volumes growing compared to 2018, also thanks to the strong foreign market increase, which grew in double digits, recording + 19%. With this in mind, Metallurgica San Marco has actively participated in the most relevant world events, both on the sales and purchasing side, and in the main sector trade fairs.

From the point of view of internal resources, the results of the “MSM Academy” project – conceived for internal resources in collaboration with the Universities of Brescia and Chieti – were evident, and were expressed in a better management of flows, in strong motivational involvement and in the greater slenderness of the structure.

Another important step in 2019 was the entry of Metallurgica San Marco into the “Elite” international network, the London Stock Exchange Group program created in collaboration with Confindustria, dedicated to companies with high growth potential: a network that will allow the company to acquire new skills and new resources to invest in the future.

REPORT – Bilanci 2019 MSM