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At BIG5 2019 Metallurgica San Marco doubles its success

“At an international level we have had the confirmation that The BIG5 represents a central and strategic fair in the construction and HVAC sectors. We are very satisfied with the results of this edition, our second, because it allowed us to gather new contacts, but also to have a more direct look at how the market is going today, thanks to comparisons with the other exhibitors. Internationalization is an increasingly important item in our growth strategy, and occasions like this exhibition are proof of this.”

Marco Gambarini, President of Metallurgica San Marco, comments favorably on the participation of the company located in Ponte San Marco in the 2019 edition of THE BIG5, the most important specialized fair in the Middle East area, dedicated to products for the construction industry and the HVAC sector, which was held at the end of November in Dubai and which registered the presence of more than 2,200 exhibiting companies – many of them Italian – from over 130 countries worldwide.

Compared to last year’s participation, Metallurgica San Marco has in fact increased its contacts, which turned out to be more profiled and interested in the company’s products. Visitors from 20 different countries came from both European states – Spain, Germany, France, Greece and Italy – but also from the Asian, African and Middle Eastern basin, with a particular inflow from the United Arab Emirates.

A very positive experience that projects Metallurgica San Marco, in a more consolidated way, towards the international dimension, on which the company is investing more and more resources and energy.