ISH 2019: a very positive debut for Metallurgica San Marco at the Frankfurt Fair

“The presence of Metallurgica San Marco at ISH Frankfurt 2019 has confirmed that participating in international trade fairs is a profitable way to consolidate the positioning and the brand reputation of our company. In fact, among the numerous visitors at our stand we had, in addition to new interlocutors from 161 countries, also many of our historical customers who gave us a positive feedback on the international scope of our organization, capable not only of excelling in its own territory, but also of being able to compare with different cultures, looking beyond the border”.

This is how Marco Gambarini comments right after the return from the ISH Fair in Frankfurt, that saw Metallurgica San Marco among its protagonists. The results of the participation were absolutely positive, an opportunity for the company to meet historical customers – who declared themselves enthusiastic about MSM’s participation in an event of such international scope – both to open new fronts on the foreign side, with the acquisition of new contacts from European countries, including Germany in the front row, and even extra Europeans, with interesting opportunities envisaged with Turkey, China and the Maghreb area.