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Youth and future. Marco Gambarini on the stage of Smart Future Academy

Marco Gambarini, President of Metallurgica San Marco, will be one of the protagonists, on 26 March 2019 at the PalaLeonessa in Brescia, of the Smart Future Academy event, the innovative project aimed at Italian high-school students, now in its third edition, which aims to helping students to better understand what they would like to do “when they grow up” through direct confrontation with leading figures in business, culture, science and art at an international level. A project that has become national and has chosen Brescia, the city where it was born, to inaugurate, on March 26th at the Palaleonessa, the events of this 2019.

Corporate social responsibility for Metallurgica San Marco, which is also a partner of the Smart Future Academy, is not only a social commitment, but also a pivotal and inspiring value for development actions.

As a reality in constant growth, also thanks to the strong commitment in innovation, research and development, with the contribution of consolidated collaborations with the academic and scientific world, Metallurgica San Marco is continuously ready to respond to the new work and application needs, prompted by a market in constant evolution.

Relying on the best talents in the field and the vision aimed at identifying them in the new generations, with a view to training and investment, has led Metallurgica San Marco to activate partnerships and activities that enhance new resources. A commitment undertaken in the first person by the President Marco Gambarini, a leader aware that acting for and with the territory and investing in young people and their future are key criteria for growth and success.

“In order to give shape to one’s dreams, it is important to start from the knowledge of oneself and the contexts in which we are inserted – comments Marco Gambarini. The first gives us the opportunity to formulate challenging but achievable goals, aligned with our talents and our knowledge; the second allows us to understand if and how to integrate objectives and dreams with the context, in order to be concrete, and progress in the desired direction or simply changing it “.