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Metallurgica San Marco starts again under the banner of 4D

Following what has become a real motto of the Lombardy Region, Metallurgica San Marco has restarted in full operation, following the now famous 4D and applying them objectively and concretely within the company spaces. Distancing, Devices, Digitization and Diagnostics: MSM has put in place all the necessary measures to operate in complete safety and in compliance with the established standards. Through ad hoc signs, a personalized kit supplied weekly to employees, containment measures both within the common spaces and in the individual departments, promoting communications and telematic meetings, a work reorganization on shifts and entrances – always verified by a thermo-scanner – , and the continuation of smart working and distance learning, Metallurgica San Marco thus creates a new course of activity in this delicate phase of recovery, to ensure the safety of its workers, suppliers and customers, identifying for the latter safeguard procedures through predefined modes, routes and timings.

The company has also prepared a protocol for the management of a possible symptomatic person inside the plant, and collaborates with the Health Authorities for the definition of any “close contacts” of a person present in the company who has been found positive to the COVID-19 swab.