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Sustainability and production flexibility: Metallurgica San Marco equipped with a new plant Continuous horizontal casting line

Metallurgica San Marco takes a new and important step on the front of cutting-edge technologies, focusing on production efficiency and sustainability. The issue of protecting health and the environment is in fact increasingly central in the industrial world and more than ever in the brass bar sector, a market that has returned to being very dynamic. From the reduction of environmental impact to plant and energy efficiency, from metal recycling activities to the diffusion of new special alloys with low lead content, the brass sector is opening up to new and important scenarios and, in this direction, Metallurgica San Marco wants to be at the forefront, to fully seize market opportunities.

With an investment of 6 million euros, the company located in Ponte San Marco will be equipped with a horizontal continuous casting line that will allow the production of different alloys, minimizing losses in intermediate phases, to obtain excellent production flexibility. The system was designed in an integrated manner, from scraps loading to ingot handling, and with a high level of automation.

“With this investment we want to further improve two strengths of our company – comments Riccardo Cominotti, Director of Supply Chain at Metallurgica San Marco – flexibility and proximity to the customer, meant as the ability to give immediate and personalized answers. In fact, the plant will enable us to deliver high-quality customized products quickly and easily, with an eye to environmental and social sustainability ”.