Quality, efficiency, safety: the new anthropomorphic robot for the extrusion press

With a view to increase the overall efficiency and quality of production processes and, at the same time, the safety and well-being of workers, Metallurgica San Marco takes another important step in terms of 4.0 with the investment of 1 million euros for revamping the extrusion department and, specifically, for the handling of the extrusion dies in the press area.

In fact, a new robot for the press will be introduced in the company, operational from September 2019, which will have the purpose of automating and making more efficient those processes that are currently carried out manually, thus eliminating downtimes and guaranteeing higher quality.

The anthropomorphic robot, which interfaces with the innovative IDCS system (Inline Dies Control System), will be joined by newly designed systems: a new dies pre-heating furnace, characterized by two independent units, and an autonomous system for the movement of extrusion dies that arrive directly from the warehouse. During normal operation, the robot must move and position the dies in the various intermediate stations, until their final positioning to allow their use during extrusion.

The introduction of the robot, the integration with the management system, and the pre-existing automation will allow to fully automate the processes, freeing up human resources who can work in other business activities, thus ensuring a higher level of well-being of the employees and their retraining.